Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Homework: Fear assignment and reading
Class got into groups to discuss their beliefs paragraphs
Group 1:
Religion makes people become more individualized
Group 2:
Religion splits us apart because of simple beliefs
Religion becomes more apparent with age
Group 3:
Religion helps open children's eyes to the world
Class changes discussion into about life of pi
Pi was very influenced by all religions
Hindu - Comic books
Muslim - Devotion to god
Christian - Intrigued by Jesus suffering
Group 4:
Background is important to religion and beliefs
Possibly need a foundation for religious beliefs, otherwise you feel alone
Growing closer to god provides more comfort
Other discussion
Can't judge others based on religion
Make sure to keep your mind open to new ideas
pi's religious curiosity started, and is not going to end
As you grow up, you will be exposed to more religions
How is Pi's search for belief similar to our lives?

Pi is searching for any religious ideas, we are searching for answers to our problems

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