Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26th, 2014

Friday September 26th, 2014 ~Christine Maybee
  • scribe
  • Final college essay due next Friday (October 3rd)
  • Discuss 93- Page 303 : check annotations
  • Read 303- end (read together)

Homework for the Weekend:
  • Annotate and finish book (thinking about final essay topic)
  • finalize college essay: must meet with me before submitting final essay. Sign up
  • Bring own computers on Monday to outline and Wednesday to write?
  • Final topic essay for Life of Pi:
    • Mamaji said “ This is a story that will make you believe in God.”
    • Do you agree or disagree? why or why not?
    • Life of Pi: Is this a book of barbarism or belief? Is this a book of faith or fear? What helps us survive?
    • Which story do you prefer? Pi’s story or other version?
    • How does Life of Pi answer the question of who are we?
    • Write your own Pi story
    • Fantasy v. reality
    • must have fantastical elements
    • model after Pi
    • Free choice: approved by Smith

What we did in class:
In class we decided to make the final essay for  the  Life of Pi due the same day as our final copy of our college essay (remember to meet with her about this essay for turning it in).
  • the college essay is due at the beginning of the period
    • But the Life of Pi essay will be due at the end of the period (but do not save typing the whole thing for that period)
  • We will have two days in class to work on our Final Life of Pi essay (but next Wednesday is a PLC day so it will not be a full period of working)
we read page out loud
  • Pi told his new “story” of what really happened on the life boat (the animals turned into people who were on the boat)
    • The cook represented the Hyena
    • His mother was the monkey
    • there was a sailor which represented the Zebra
(only four survived the ship’s sinking)

  • Pi was the Tiger (in the second “story”)

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