Monday, September 29, 2014

Scribe Sep, 29th - Shane

Outline for Life of Pi essay try to complete, finish or begin working on.
Friday- Printed out copy of college essay due.
Smith goes over questions & expectations, groups or individual work?
Smith goes over Life of Pi essay topics, Do NOT use personal words in essay, i.e. me, you, us we, etc..
Goes over how body paragraphs should be completed, what they should have.
Most of the class wants to do individual work with Essay.
Individual group work begins. People worked on either outline or began LoP essay.
Most people working on outline, begin writing essay Wednesday.
*The classroom grows silent*

*Justine won’t let Shane ask his question*
Smith puts on some music, Tom Petty.
Class work time for the rest of the period.

Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26th, 2014

Friday September 26th, 2014 ~Christine Maybee
  • scribe
  • Final college essay due next Friday (October 3rd)
  • Discuss 93- Page 303 : check annotations
  • Read 303- end (read together)

Homework for the Weekend:
  • Annotate and finish book (thinking about final essay topic)
  • finalize college essay: must meet with me before submitting final essay. Sign up
  • Bring own computers on Monday to outline and Wednesday to write?
  • Final topic essay for Life of Pi:
    • Mamaji said “ This is a story that will make you believe in God.”
    • Do you agree or disagree? why or why not?
    • Life of Pi: Is this a book of barbarism or belief? Is this a book of faith or fear? What helps us survive?
    • Which story do you prefer? Pi’s story or other version?
    • How does Life of Pi answer the question of who are we?
    • Write your own Pi story
    • Fantasy v. reality
    • must have fantastical elements
    • model after Pi
    • Free choice: approved by Smith

What we did in class:
In class we decided to make the final essay for  the  Life of Pi due the same day as our final copy of our college essay (remember to meet with her about this essay for turning it in).
  • the college essay is due at the beginning of the period
    • But the Life of Pi essay will be due at the end of the period (but do not save typing the whole thing for that period)
  • We will have two days in class to work on our Final Life of Pi essay (but next Wednesday is a PLC day so it will not be a full period of working)
we read page out loud
  • Pi told his new “story” of what really happened on the life boat (the animals turned into people who were on the boat)
    • The cook represented the Hyena
    • His mother was the monkey
    • there was a sailor which represented the Zebra
(only four survived the ship’s sinking)

  • Pi was the Tiger (in the second “story”)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scribe 9-24

     We started class today with Smith describing tonight's homework. We are to read Chapter 93 through either page 303 in the larger book or 381 in the school issued copy.
     Also we are to begin thinking about which topic we want to write for our final Life of Pi essay. It is best to wait until we finish the book in order to get all the ideas of the book together but keep in mind which topic strikes you the most. Also there is the option of a free choice but you need to get Smith's approval first.
     The last piece of homework is to choose which college essay you want to turn in as your final but remember, you need to go in and meet with Smith first before you turn it in. The essay is due Friday, October 3rd.
     Prior to today you needed to have read chapter 92 and after the homework was discussed we watched the scene from the movie regarding chapter 92. That took a good chunk of the hour and once the movie finished we circled up and read the next session as a class.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Scribe 9/22

Jack Marion


  • Discuss what was going on with Pi and the evidence for which one happened in chapters 90-91
          Pi/Richard Parker/himself     Pi/Brother/Frenchman
          He has gone blind                 Blood
          Malnourished                        Arm
          Alone for a long time             Food/water from another boat
  • Finished the Venn diagram for Pi Vs. You
  • Smith checked annotations
  • Presented the Venn diagram to the class
  • Class voted on what happened to Pi: Real or not real
  • Started to read chapter 92


  • Finish reading and annotating chapter 92
  • Finalize college essay
  • Meet with Smith about essay before 10/3

See webpage for clarifications

9/22 English Lit

Juliette Tubbs
  • Finish poster work from last week: who are we...
how pi and we are similar and different
  • Discuss 87-91:
    • Check annotations
    • Chapter 90 and 91: what the heck?(seriouslyyyyy)
      • interpretations of chapters?
      • vote
  • Read 92
    • watch island scene
  • HW: finish reading chapter 92 (34 pages), annotate, finalize college essay: must meet with me before submitting final essay. 
  • Sign up by going into Mrs. Smith. The final copy of your essay is due 10/3 must meet once before then.
Discussion of chapters 90 and 91:
What are your interpretations?
  • hes dying these are his last thoughts
  • his humanity is dying
  • pi's inner will to survive
  • hallucinating
  • making amends
  • Vishnu god comes to him as the French guy
  • all gods trying to help him out
  • Pi is already dead?
  • Richard Parker is completely made up
  • Pi is going mad
  • dehydration 
  • Pi's subconscious mind
  • Dreaming
  • really is someone else talking to him
  • It's Ravi or a stranger
  • wants human interaction so bad
Simplified theories:
1. Hallucinations/going mad/talking to god/Pi is dying
2. It is a real person

More notes over chapters read:
  • feds RP so he will not eat Pi
  • breaking the rules to survive
  • Pi is turning animalistic
  • changing your personality to survive
  • all humans have a animal side in us
  • we will all give up
  • Pi has the same moments of doubt
  • fear/doubt v. hope
  • he is split into multiple personalities
  • feels remorse for eating human
  • bother: in the same boat or religion shared experience

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kevin Kerby 9/17 Scribing

Kevin Kerby

-Collect essay
.think pair and share
-Watch Richard parker taming
-Who are we? Vein diagram with pi
.Define Who are we
.specific words
.connect to your self
. Answer?
-Discuss 67-78 check annotations
-79-86 read and annotate
- Set up appointment with smith

Set up appointment with smith (off hours mwf6 th1,4,6 and before and after school)
_Collected college essay on your self
-Pi movie
.What are the visual aspect that Pi movie is trying to represent
.talked about the visual symbolism
ex. Sun setting on pi when he’s on the raft(The peacefulness the ocean offers Pi compared to Richard parker), Jelly fish rising up ( the symbolic faith he still hold for sanity)
_ Got in to groups of 6ish for the vein diagram
.groups chose word that represent Pi and then quotes to support them

Pics of Vein diagrams

Monday, September 15, 2014

EWL WEEK 5: Monday September 15, 2014
Scribe done by Courtney Cissell for period 4 English Lit

  • Scribe
  • Discuss 60-66 annotations- Check annotations
    • Getting use to killing (185)
    • Role of time in our lives (192)
    • No control of our fate: Deal with the hand we are dealt (193)
  • A little Shakespeare:
    • To be or not to be and Pi
    • Connect passages to passages in Pi
  • Read chapters 67-78 in life of Pi with good annotations
    • Be sure to really show your thinking
    • About 30 pages
  • HOMEWORK: Read the above chapters and annotate thinking, College essay: Who are you? All due Wednesday
    • Who are you essay
      • Essay typed proofread, double spaced font size 12 with name and only name on top
      • 1 1/2 pages long
      • College essay tips:
        • Tell a story: Be about you
        • 1/3, 2/3 rule
          • First 1/3 of essay should tell the story and last 2/3 of paper should be about why it affects you
        • Be positive
        • Don’t offend
        • Avoid Cliches
        • Be you
      • This essay is defining who you are rather than telling about a tragic event then saying how it has affected you. Its not labeling yourself it is explaining what makes you different. Thousands of essays are being written about this topic so you have to make yours stand out. This is one of the hardest college essays to write. Describe, don’t just tell.
      • This is the last college essay to be due Wednesday
        • Once all college essays are done we will pick one essay and edit and finalize it then turn it in for 100 points

After going over the agenda, we broke into groups of 4 and researched hamlet “to be or not to be”

  • This was a reading about hamlet contemplating killing himself. He was questioning why he exists and whether he should keep living or just give up. In our groups we read and annotated the Shakespeare reading and shared the Google document with Mrs. Smith.
  • This shared document of annotations on the to be or not to be passage counts for points today, so it is important to complete and share.

Mrs. Smith collected our college essays about a moment that defines you

At the end of class after meeting in our groups we had free time to work on whatever homework we needed to work on for our English class.