Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30, 2015

Justine Langas

Today in class we split into groups to complete an open note quiz over Dante's The Divine Comedy. The quiz covered cantos 1-3, 5, 34.

For homework, we have to read Two Gallants and highlight the examples of the seven deadly sins and make a list of the greatest wrongs that society or an individual can commit.

LL part one is due a week from today.

Scribe 29th

Spencer Hanson

Over weekend: List all 7 deadly sins, go through story "Two Gallants" and highlight one example of each sin in different colors.

  • Graded summary responses
  • Will read dante, finish "study guide" as we go along, smith will play "death" metal (joke from Mrs. Smith, hell unit joke) Not actually playing death metal
  • Discuss worst sins
    • Murder, thieving
    • Child abuse/Spouse abuse
    • Intentional Ignorance
  • Read dante (in groups)
    • Fill out Quiz by end of period
  • With extra time, start on the "Two Gallants" story
  • Think about the guiding question: "To what extent does a creator have responsibility for it's creation?" and "When does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions"
  • Think about "What are the greatest wrongs society or an individual can commit?"
End of Class

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scribe 28th


  • Collect the summary/response for the hell unit: brief discussion
  • Questions due friday: “What are the Greatest Wrongs society or an individual can commit?”
  • Last Lecture Part 1 Due Feb. 13 (2 Weeks)
  • Remember the guiding question: “To what Extent does a creator have responsibility for its creations?” and “When does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions?”
  • Took Dante Background quiz
    +  “Gates of Heaven” Allowed notes for 1 minute on quiz

  • Discussion on Dante
  • What is a sin?
  • Different types of sins?
  • Difference between killing a bug and protecting your family?

  • Start reading Dante
        +  Need to know
  • Leopard of Malice and Fraud
  • Lion of Violence and Ambition
  • She-Wolf of Incontinence
        + Guided by Virgil
            -  Must descend through
            - Hell (The Recognition of Sin)
            - Purgatory (The renunciation of Sin)
            - The Light of God
        + 24-27 Light/Dark symbolism
+ Think about what all these animals embody, (Malice/Fraud, Violence/Ambition)
  • Malice - Wish harm towards others
  • Fraud - Deceitful
  • Violence - Violence
  • Ambition - Ambition
  • Animals all starving
  • “To live a sinful life, means that you are physicall starved”
  • “What it means to live a life in ‘Not the true way’”
  • End
  • Scribe Spencer hanson

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26, Abbey Skoda

Abbey Skoda
We started class with the usual “Good Morning” and got straight to writing homework down in our planners.  Our Last Lecture part 1 is still due while our Summary/Response essay on our Hell Unit is due Wednesday.  
Next, we finished our long video clip of Legend, starring Tom Cruise.  Tom Cruise’s character, Jack,  finally finished off Darkness by stabbing him in the abdomen with a unicorn horn and bringing light into his domain.  During Darkness’ struggle, he mentions that “Light is nothing without darkness.”  We discussed this in class saying that darkness and light feed off of one another.  
After, we watched two more clips of Bedazzled and The Devil’s Advocate.  In Bedazzled, the devil is portrayed as a woman who makes a deal with a man who wants another woman to fall in love with him.  He gets seven wishes from the devil in return to selling his soul to her.  In the end, he uses his last wish for his lover, and not for himself.  This broke the deal.  It talked about how our own choices define us, not the devil making us do it.  Its our own free will.  In The Devil’s Advocate is about a lawyer who can’t lose a case.  In his vanity and greed, he cheats on his wife while his partner sleeps with his wife as well.  Coming to kill his partner, he finds out that he is the devil.  Again they mention the choices people make and how it defines them.  Another idea coming from this clip was guilt.  The devil hates guilt, because it leads to God.  
-Man’s Free Will
-Is it the devil’s fault or humans?
-Light and Dark

Lastly, we went over how our Summary/Response should look.  

Summary: ⅓
Topic Sentence
-Big Ideas
No Opinion
Use Songs, Movies, Dante, etc.
Concluding Sentence
Response: ⅔
Topic Sentence
-Take a Side
-Answer “Why?”
Reaction and Examples
Concluding Sentence

At the end we read and annotated Dante’s background.  Ask Mrs. Smith for a copy.

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26,2015

Homework for Wednesday is to write the summary response on the hell unit. Make sure to include...
Photos, songs, and videos
Your topic sentences should include titles, authors, main idea.
Summary of works
Concluding sentence
(Keep your introduction paragraph at about 1/3 of your finished product)

Response (personal opinion)
Topic sentence (again) Titles, authors, position taken and WHY
Use specific examples with explanations.
Strong concluding sentence.

We started class by reviewing the connections we have seen through our study thus far..
  • Satan looks bestial: horns, hooves for feet
  • Can't exist without evil/darkness/Satan  
  • Light vs. Dark
  • Evil exists within all of us - up to our freewill; power of choice
What do you think determines whether someone is good or evil?
-People around you?

We watched a scene from the movie Bedazzled- A guy was given 7 wishes in trade for giving his soul to the Devil. On his last wish he wished for the love of his life to live happily ever after. Since he wished for something completely selfless the "contract" was voided and he got to keep his soul.
Think about Selfish vs Selfless as another point.

We watched a scene from Devils Advocate- A son finds out his father is the Devil and has killed his wife. He starts to piece everything together and realizes that he is on track to join her in hell.
The Devil says his favorite sin is vanity which ties back to being selfish.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Andrew Brooks- Scribe 1-21

We opened up class by passing out donuts and gathering around the board to finish listening to music about hell.  We listened to Flogging Molly, Devil Went Down to Georgia, Crossroads, and Highway to Hell.  We were asked to point out themes in the songs we came up with:
Choice between heaven and hell
Asking for forgiveness
God stops listening when you're in hell
The choices you make will lead you to heaven or hell
It is a one way ride to hell.

After the songs, we looked at photos that represent hell and took notes on them.  In most of the photos there were common themes such as: little light, mostly dark, people in Limbo, sinful nature, and violence in hell.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scribe Jake Wener 1-21-15

  • Our number one job is to find common links between all of the pieces we have looked
    • heaven
    • hell
    • the devil
  • HOMEWORK: finish summary response by next monday
  • everyone is having a bad day
  • We then started listening to songs relating to our topic with these big ideas
    • `Sympathy for the devil by the Rolling Stones- Humans blame their mistakes on the devil- human action killed Jesus
    • Choices
    • Seven Deadly Sins by Flogging Molly- Demon propels pirates to commit bad actions- If you have one the sins you have all of them- talk about hell having freedom
    • The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band- Choices Jonny beats the devil- the Devil wants your soul- paradox=similar to the devil, Jonny
    • Crossroads by Eric Clapton- no one will help you get to heaven- he is at the crossroads and he is asking for mercy- wants help but no one will help him- his choices led him to hell
    • Highway to Hell by AC/DC- They call hell the promise land- they party a lot and they are going to party in hell- they don't want to go to heaven- easy living
  • We then looked at pictures depicting hell

Friday, January 16, 2015

Andrew Brooks Scribe.

Sorry I posted this late everyone! It totally slipped my mind with youthgroup and all, but here are the notes from Wednesday, Janurary 14.

We began class by turning in our summary/ responses, and ate some great donuts.  Then we moved on and gathered around the board and shared one thing we took out of the Last Lecture. After that, we began our lesson on hell.  First, we split into two groups and ranked the 7 sins and the 9 circles of hell.  After Mrs. Smith corrected us, we began Dante’s Inferno. (

First, we start in a dark wood of error where we mean three beasts. The she-wolf (incontence), Lion (violence), and the Leopard (Malice and Fraud). Then we meet Virgil, who guides Dante.

Next is the Vestibule which is just outside of hell. The opportunists live here (people who lived for themselves.)

The First layer of hell is the Limbo, for the virtuous pagans.

The Second layer of hell is for the Lustful. On this layer is where you meet minos.  A man with a dragon like tail.  Minos wraps his tail around his body and that is what chooses how many layers you must descend.

This is where we stopped for the day.

kevin kerby 1/16

Kevin Kerby Pr.1 smith
Watch: finish Dante notes:
    Period 1: layer 3
    Perod 4: layer 3
Summary Response at end of hell unit: videos, songs, photos

HW: LL part 1, SR on Hell Unit
Essential Question:
"To what extent does a creator have responsibility for its creation? When does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions?"

-donate notes
.Went throw layer's 3-9
quick summary of each
3.Dump and garbage for cursing
4.Hoarders/wasters (pushing boulders at each other for entreaty
5.Warthful- A sea of Styx ( marsh foul water)
6. City of Dis-capital of hell opposite of Jerusalem
7.Violnec- against god self and Nabors
god- fire rain
self- turned into a tree
Nabors- boiling hot river of blood
8.Fradulent- for the liars
9, Cocytus
Made for the people that have betraid
loist level Satan presides in a frozen pool eating on judis(betrayed god) Brutius(betrayed czar) Caishus ( betrayed czar)
-Then we went over sympathy for the devil
.key points being
taking responsibility for your actions
to not balm any one but yourself for these actions

Scribe 01/16/2015 (Dillon Scala)

Dillon Scala English Literature 4th Hour Scribe 01/16/2015 Justine brought donuts! Ms. Smith passed back our Last Lecture Summary Responses Picked up from where we left off on Dante’s Inferno The link for the website that had all of the explanations and graphics of the levels of hell is: We left off on level three of Hell. Notes on the Levels of Hell Level 3: Gluttonous This level is made up of garbage and filth. This is for all of the people who took god’s gift of food and life and they only produced garbage in return instead of making something great from it. Their punishment is to live in filth and garbage for eternity. Level 4: Hoarders and Wasters Those who amassed wealth and only kept it to themselves and put it to use for their own benefit are punished by having to push boulders again and again for eternity. Level 5: The Styx (The wrathful) The entirety of this level is made up of a river of slime and filth where on the surface the wrathful are trapped and forced to fights each other. In the depths of the river lie the sullen. Those who shut out the light in their life. Level 6: City of Dis “The Heretics” This is the capital of hell. It is a distorted version of its counterpart in the world: heaven. It is the divide of lower hell and upper hell. The outside of the city is made of flames and once crossing into it, angel change from beautiful to hideous. Level 7: The Violent. This level is divided up into different rings that each represent the different kind of violence. These include violence towards neighbors, self, and god, art, and nature. Level 8: The Fraudulent. It is divided into 10 different rings which include the following (in order of less to most extreme): Panderers and Seducers, Flatterers, Simoniacs, Fortune Tellers, Grafters, Hypocrites, Thieves, Evil Counselors, Sowers of Discord, and Falsifiers. Level 9: Cocytus-Treachery Lowest level of hell, the rings are designed as a cocytus. This means its like a funnel, and at the bottom of the funnel is the Devil who is buried and frozen solid. The funnel is that all of the evil is flowed down into the Devil. Cocytus is a frozen wasteland devoid of love and emotion. Whenever someone cries at this level their tear freeze, sealing their eyes shut. The different levels are arranged by the different types of treachery: First Ring: Treachery to Kin (Called CAINA) which is derived from Cain who betrayed his brother Abel. Beings at this level are buried just below their necks. Second Ring: Treachery to Country (Called Antendra) named after him because he betrayed the Trojans by giving his city to the Greeks. Beings at this level are buried just to their necks. Third Ring: Treachery to Guests (called Ptolomena) Fourth Ring: Treacher to Masters (called Judecca) named after Judas which represents the ultimate betrayal of a master, when he betrayed Jesus who was divine. when is the summary response due for the hell unit After finishing the notes on the levels of hell we listened to “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones We received a copy of the lyrics of the song, if needed here is a link: She told us to listen to what how the different interpretations of hell and the devil relate. “What themes and ideas do they share?” After listening to the song we broke down the meaning of it and came up with this interpretation: Ben said that the song talks about how the “sympathy” for the devil comes from the fact that the devil is blamed for things that were the result of human action. The song is sung in the the first and second person. The first person lyrics are as if Mick Jagger were singing as the devil (saying “I” and “me”). The second person lyrics (saying “you”) are if the speaker is speaking to all humans. All the examples that he talks about like the killing of the Kennedy’s and the death of Jesus were the results of human action. Class ended after this and Ms. Smith told us that we will pick up from where we left off on “Sympathy for the Devil” and also listen to more songs next Wednesday. Our homework is to continue on part 1 of our last lecture as well as to anticipate a summary response due at the end of our Hell unit.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14th

  • scribe-Juliette Tubbs
  • Collect S/R on Pausch:
    • discuss big takeaways
    • -follow your dreams
    • -the most important thing you can do is help others
    • -brick walls
    • -if you have to leave something you love leave someone better in your place
    • -make yourself happy
  • Hell
-fire, hot 
-reliving the worst day of your life over and over
-blank space 
-where no one gets along all hate
-polar opposite of heaven 
-bad people 
9 Circles of Hell(class order)-
-heresy-going against church
-limbo-middle waiting place
Ranking of Circles of Hell
  1. Limbo
  2. Gluttony
  3. Greed
  4. Fraud
  5. Anger
  6. Lust
  7. Treachery
  8. Heresy
  9. Violence
Ranking of Sins
  1. Sloth
  2. Pride
  3. Envy
  4. Gluttony
  5. Lust
  6. Greed
  7. Wrath
Essential Question:
"To what extent does a creator have responsibility for its creation? When does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions?"
Homework: LL part 1 due February 13th

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monday, January 12

Monday, January 12th
Scribe Juliette Tubbs
Todays class:
  1. Pausch's Last Lecture: finish watching, Watching Last Lecture

    • Period 1: 1:00
    • Period 4: 58:00
2. Work on Summary Response(homework): discuss Pausch's lecture- what can you take away? What can you apply to your own life?
    • Key phrases
    • Big picture ideas
    • Poster phrases- apply learning to life
Class examples of big picture: 
  • How to live your life
  • Brick walls: show your dedication
  • Experience: always gain even if you don't get what you want
  • Don't set the bar, don't set yourself short
  • Importance of dreams
Topic sentence: In Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture" Pausch explains *blank* because *blank*.
  • Check web page for more details on the summary/response due next class, Wednesday, January 14th
3. Arts and crafts!!! We wrote quotes on paper and hung them up all over the classroom

Homework: begin writing your own Last Lecture- part 1 due 2/13, Summary response typed, double spaced of Pausch's Last Lecture due Wednesday
Essential Question:
"To what extent does a creator have responsibility for its creation? When does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions?"