Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scribe 28th


  • Collect the summary/response for the hell unit: brief discussion
  • Questions due friday: “What are the Greatest Wrongs society or an individual can commit?”
  • Last Lecture Part 1 Due Feb. 13 (2 Weeks)
  • Remember the guiding question: “To what Extent does a creator have responsibility for its creations?” and “When does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions?”
  • Took Dante Background quiz
    +  “Gates of Heaven” Allowed notes for 1 minute on quiz

  • Discussion on Dante
  • What is a sin?
  • Different types of sins?
  • Difference between killing a bug and protecting your family?

  • Start reading Dante
        +  Need to know
  • Leopard of Malice and Fraud
  • Lion of Violence and Ambition
  • She-Wolf of Incontinence
        + Guided by Virgil
            -  Must descend through
            - Hell (The Recognition of Sin)
            - Purgatory (The renunciation of Sin)
            - The Light of God
        + 24-27 Light/Dark symbolism
+ Think about what all these animals embody, (Malice/Fraud, Violence/Ambition)
  • Malice - Wish harm towards others
  • Fraud - Deceitful
  • Violence - Violence
  • Ambition - Ambition
  • Animals all starving
  • “To live a sinful life, means that you are physicall starved”
  • “What it means to live a life in ‘Not the true way’”
  • End
  • Scribe Spencer hanson

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