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January 26, Abbey Skoda

Abbey Skoda
We started class with the usual “Good Morning” and got straight to writing homework down in our planners.  Our Last Lecture part 1 is still due while our Summary/Response essay on our Hell Unit is due Wednesday.  
Next, we finished our long video clip of Legend, starring Tom Cruise.  Tom Cruise’s character, Jack,  finally finished off Darkness by stabbing him in the abdomen with a unicorn horn and bringing light into his domain.  During Darkness’ struggle, he mentions that “Light is nothing without darkness.”  We discussed this in class saying that darkness and light feed off of one another.  
After, we watched two more clips of Bedazzled and The Devil’s Advocate.  In Bedazzled, the devil is portrayed as a woman who makes a deal with a man who wants another woman to fall in love with him.  He gets seven wishes from the devil in return to selling his soul to her.  In the end, he uses his last wish for his lover, and not for himself.  This broke the deal.  It talked about how our own choices define us, not the devil making us do it.  Its our own free will.  In The Devil’s Advocate is about a lawyer who can’t lose a case.  In his vanity and greed, he cheats on his wife while his partner sleeps with his wife as well.  Coming to kill his partner, he finds out that he is the devil.  Again they mention the choices people make and how it defines them.  Another idea coming from this clip was guilt.  The devil hates guilt, because it leads to God.  
-Man’s Free Will
-Is it the devil’s fault or humans?
-Light and Dark

Lastly, we went over how our Summary/Response should look.  

Summary: ⅓
Topic Sentence
-Big Ideas
No Opinion
Use Songs, Movies, Dante, etc.
Concluding Sentence
Response: ⅔
Topic Sentence
-Take a Side
-Answer “Why?”
Reaction and Examples
Concluding Sentence

At the end we read and annotated Dante’s background.  Ask Mrs. Smith for a copy.

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