Thursday, January 8, 2015

English Literature Scribe 01/07/2015

English Literature Scribe 01/07/2015 Dillon Scala Went over seating chart and received class expectations Passed around Scribe and Donut Schedule, Scribe at least twice this semester Homework is last lecture part 1, and Summary Response Last Lecture: Final will be 5 minute lecture Definitely get started on this this week, get ahead don’t procrastinate Last lecture: Growing up will be part 1, lasting legacy will be part 2, and looking ahead will be part 3 Homework is Part 1: 2-3 pages about growing up (See Below). And Summary Response: Randy Pausch Due Wednesday 01/14/2015 (See Below) The writing should be about telling stories but work it around a theme. Due 02/01/2015 The theme of this semester will be these questions: To what extent does a creator have responsibility for its creation? When does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions? These units will be pieces of literature that all have to do with this central question. Hell unit: Dante's Divine Comedy, Bible, Milton Shelley's Frankenstein: We will read in class Wilde: Picture of Dorian Gray Stranger Than Fiction: movie Huxley’s Brave New World: about a dystopian society in 1931 All got together in the middle to talk about the best parts and lessons learned in English Literature last semester, we each wrote down a personal goal for this semester, and then we wrote goals for the semester as a class:
Summary Response: Randy Pausch Due Wednesday 01/14/2015 Summary: focus on the big ideas Response: Reaction to it: Agree or Disagree? What did it make you think about? Is it relevant or irrelevant? What did it mean to you? etc. About Randy Pausch: Died about 12 years ago. Got diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, this lecture at Carnegie Mellon University was almost literally his last lecture, his last chance to say what he wanted to say about his life. We took notes on the talk.

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