Friday, January 16, 2015

Scribe 01/16/2015 (Dillon Scala)

Dillon Scala English Literature 4th Hour Scribe 01/16/2015 Justine brought donuts! Ms. Smith passed back our Last Lecture Summary Responses Picked up from where we left off on Dante’s Inferno The link for the website that had all of the explanations and graphics of the levels of hell is: We left off on level three of Hell. Notes on the Levels of Hell Level 3: Gluttonous This level is made up of garbage and filth. This is for all of the people who took god’s gift of food and life and they only produced garbage in return instead of making something great from it. Their punishment is to live in filth and garbage for eternity. Level 4: Hoarders and Wasters Those who amassed wealth and only kept it to themselves and put it to use for their own benefit are punished by having to push boulders again and again for eternity. Level 5: The Styx (The wrathful) The entirety of this level is made up of a river of slime and filth where on the surface the wrathful are trapped and forced to fights each other. In the depths of the river lie the sullen. Those who shut out the light in their life. Level 6: City of Dis “The Heretics” This is the capital of hell. It is a distorted version of its counterpart in the world: heaven. It is the divide of lower hell and upper hell. The outside of the city is made of flames and once crossing into it, angel change from beautiful to hideous. Level 7: The Violent. This level is divided up into different rings that each represent the different kind of violence. These include violence towards neighbors, self, and god, art, and nature. Level 8: The Fraudulent. It is divided into 10 different rings which include the following (in order of less to most extreme): Panderers and Seducers, Flatterers, Simoniacs, Fortune Tellers, Grafters, Hypocrites, Thieves, Evil Counselors, Sowers of Discord, and Falsifiers. Level 9: Cocytus-Treachery Lowest level of hell, the rings are designed as a cocytus. This means its like a funnel, and at the bottom of the funnel is the Devil who is buried and frozen solid. The funnel is that all of the evil is flowed down into the Devil. Cocytus is a frozen wasteland devoid of love and emotion. Whenever someone cries at this level their tear freeze, sealing their eyes shut. The different levels are arranged by the different types of treachery: First Ring: Treachery to Kin (Called CAINA) which is derived from Cain who betrayed his brother Abel. Beings at this level are buried just below their necks. Second Ring: Treachery to Country (Called Antendra) named after him because he betrayed the Trojans by giving his city to the Greeks. Beings at this level are buried just to their necks. Third Ring: Treachery to Guests (called Ptolomena) Fourth Ring: Treacher to Masters (called Judecca) named after Judas which represents the ultimate betrayal of a master, when he betrayed Jesus who was divine. when is the summary response due for the hell unit After finishing the notes on the levels of hell we listened to “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones We received a copy of the lyrics of the song, if needed here is a link: She told us to listen to what how the different interpretations of hell and the devil relate. “What themes and ideas do they share?” After listening to the song we broke down the meaning of it and came up with this interpretation: Ben said that the song talks about how the “sympathy” for the devil comes from the fact that the devil is blamed for things that were the result of human action. The song is sung in the the first and second person. The first person lyrics are as if Mick Jagger were singing as the devil (saying “I” and “me”). The second person lyrics (saying “you”) are if the speaker is speaking to all humans. All the examples that he talks about like the killing of the Kennedy’s and the death of Jesus were the results of human action. Class ended after this and Ms. Smith told us that we will pick up from where we left off on “Sympathy for the Devil” and also listen to more songs next Wednesday. Our homework is to continue on part 1 of our last lecture as well as to anticipate a summary response due at the end of our Hell unit.

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