Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26,2015

Homework for Wednesday is to write the summary response on the hell unit. Make sure to include...
Photos, songs, and videos
Your topic sentences should include titles, authors, main idea.
Summary of works
Concluding sentence
(Keep your introduction paragraph at about 1/3 of your finished product)

Response (personal opinion)
Topic sentence (again) Titles, authors, position taken and WHY
Use specific examples with explanations.
Strong concluding sentence.

We started class by reviewing the connections we have seen through our study thus far..
  • Satan looks bestial: horns, hooves for feet
  • Can't exist without evil/darkness/Satan  
  • Light vs. Dark
  • Evil exists within all of us - up to our freewill; power of choice
What do you think determines whether someone is good or evil?
-People around you?

We watched a scene from the movie Bedazzled- A guy was given 7 wishes in trade for giving his soul to the Devil. On his last wish he wished for the love of his life to live happily ever after. Since he wished for something completely selfless the "contract" was voided and he got to keep his soul.
Think about Selfish vs Selfless as another point.

We watched a scene from Devils Advocate- A son finds out his father is the Devil and has killed his wife. He starts to piece everything together and realizes that he is on track to join her in hell.
The Devil says his favorite sin is vanity which ties back to being selfish.

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