Friday, January 16, 2015

Andrew Brooks Scribe.

Sorry I posted this late everyone! It totally slipped my mind with youthgroup and all, but here are the notes from Wednesday, Janurary 14.

We began class by turning in our summary/ responses, and ate some great donuts.  Then we moved on and gathered around the board and shared one thing we took out of the Last Lecture. After that, we began our lesson on hell.  First, we split into two groups and ranked the 7 sins and the 9 circles of hell.  After Mrs. Smith corrected us, we began Dante’s Inferno. (

First, we start in a dark wood of error where we mean three beasts. The she-wolf (incontence), Lion (violence), and the Leopard (Malice and Fraud). Then we meet Virgil, who guides Dante.

Next is the Vestibule which is just outside of hell. The opportunists live here (people who lived for themselves.)

The First layer of hell is the Limbo, for the virtuous pagans.

The Second layer of hell is for the Lustful. On this layer is where you meet minos.  A man with a dragon like tail.  Minos wraps his tail around his body and that is what chooses how many layers you must descend.

This is where we stopped for the day.

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