Friday, November 21, 2014

Angelo Garcia
Friday. Nov, 21

Smith comes in stylish as usual. Sporting her Super cool black vest and dope boots :)
We then continue to talk about how egocentric every high school student is (IBZ gets grilled ). Next we talk about which option should we choose …… Option #1 is seen as the easy way out (%6) … but is also seen as a great final to discuss. Option #2 is seen as the opportunity to increase your grade (%18).

Smith tells the class that they can do either option and it will be done as two groups. If you want option #1 then you can do that option, same with option #2

HOMEWORK OVER BREAK = Read modern translation of act 5 :) only one scene !! WHOOP WHOOP…

Act 4 Fishbowl

Recap: Polonius has died and Laertes confronts the king on the matter for he thinks that Claudius had killed his father. Claudius tells Laertes about his plan to kill Hamlet who is the one has killed his father. Also Ophelia has died.

  • Do you think Hamlet shows remorse in killing Polonius?
  1. Much of the class agrees that this is the point at which Hamlet truly goes crazy. Also they talk about how Hamlet has passed up maybe his own oppurtunity to kill Claudius when he was praying.
  • How does Shakespeare display human nature?
  1. Depicts humans as they are egocentric, and most care about themselves only. Each of everyones plans have all been for themselves. Also shows morality and what people do in extreme conditions.  HUGE DISCUSSION ON WHY HAMLET HID THE BODY
- Spencer :)
  • A thought is that Claudius may be doing his actions for the better of the kingdom but many disagree
  • Does Claudius care about what has happened to Polonius
  1. No because Claudius is self centered and is only concerned about himself
  • Denmark cares about Hamlet so Claudius can’t just murder him…..
  • Why did Ophelia kill herself?
  1. She couldn’t handle the stress of Hamlet fake loving her. And also being used by both Hamlet and her father.
  • Who’s responsible for Ophelia's madness?
  1. Mostly Hamlet and Polonius but is in a way her own fault. Breaking point equals Hamlet killing Polonius.  Father being killed by the only man she’s ever loved. Women in this culture don’t have any say and no escape. So she makes her own escape.
  • Does act 5 equal Hamlets downfall?
  1. Hamlet might regret his previous actions and all the relationships he has had to sacrifice.
  • Ophelia without any manly figure can’t go on with her life.
  • Ophelia is drowned with all the situations which is ironic in the way she dies.
  • Two completely different women  (Ophelia vs. Queen)
  • Some think that Ophelia is no sane before she dies.
  • How was she sane if she killed herself ???? Makes no sense
  • Extreme similarity between the situations that Ophelia and Hamlet face but they deal with it in two totally different ways.
  • How many suspect Claudius and his rightfulness to the crown?
  • Hamlet never wanted to oust Claudius in front of the people but instead reassure himself about the ghost
  • Horatio may know of everything that has gone on. But his role is to be the friend there for Hamlet and thats it

  • Why are Laertes and Ophelia distant in this scene
IBZZZ LOVES SYMBOLISM <3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 <3

and … crickets…. Smith chimes in with the idea that people don’t want points because they haven’t spoken …

11/19/2014 English Lit 4th Hour Scribe

11/19/2014 English Lit 4th Hour Scribe Fishbowl Friday over Act IV Justine, Adam, Tyler, Juliette, Spencer, and Ibrahim will be leading the discussion. Mrs. Smith told them to have a lot of good questions prepared and to have a critical analysis done. Next we lead in to the quiz over Avt III and IV The quiz is very long, it was a partner quiz. But before the quiz, we talked about our Final There are two options that we will chose on Friday 1st Option (For now until the end of the semester) Read Act V Watch Ending in the Branaugh Movie Then Quiz Then the Fishbowl First Week Read Oedipus Rex, the epitome of Greek tragedy Second Week Then we will prepare for a discussion as our final Then the Final will be a discussion over Hamlet, Life of Pi, and Oedipus Rex Pros: No writing Con: No writing, so that won’t help our our writing category of grade if we need it 270 Points in Critical Thinking category Option 2 Read Act V, Watch the Ending in the Branaugh Movie, Quiz First Week Monday: Thesis Wednesday: First Body Paragraph Friday 2nd body Paragraph Second Week Monday: 3rd Body Paragraph and Finalize outline Final: Write the Essay in Class Pros: Point in Writing Category, will get a ton of help from Mrs. Smith, college preparation 300 point in writing category 150 point final All in all, the point of this is that Mrs. Smith really wants us to do well on the Final Took the Quiz

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

1st Hour Wednesday, November 19, 2014

1st Hour Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Kristen Stucker

Homework: Fishbowl Act 4: Friday

Essential Question: Who are we? Men of action or inaction? Revenge or compassion?

Today in Class:
  • Quiz on Acts 3-4
  • Groups of 2-3 one quiz per group
  • We spent all hour working on the quiz
  • We have been given two options to chose for how the rest of semester and finals will be.

Option 1
Option 2:

We are to vote on which option we would rather have on Friday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scribe, Monday November 17th

Today in class we finished reading Act 4 starting on page 229 (class book) with the roles from last class.
Laertes- Kristen
King- Dan
Important points talked about in class:

  • Everyone will think Laertes killed Hamlet by accident 
  • Hamlet envies Laertes fencing ability
  • King asks Laertes how far he is willing to go to avenge his fathers death
  • Laertes is going to use a poisoned sword
  • King wants Hamlet to get tired and want a drink, but Hamlet will drink poison
  • Ophelia was looking for flowers, she goes to deep into the bank, her cloths get too heavy and she drowns.
After we read Act 4 we watched all three versions of Ophelia being crazy and compared and contrasted them. 
Homework:  Review notes on ACT 3 AND 4 (review questions on Mrs. Smiths power point) big quiz WED. Act 4 fishbowl on Friday!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 14, 2014
Justine Langas

Act 4 quiz on Wednesday the 19th. The questions are on Smith's website, and at this link:
Act 4 fishbowl on Friday the 21st. (Adam, Justine, Juliette, Tyler)

We got a new seating chart.
We began reading act 4 in class and assigned roles for reading. We read to page 221.
Smith also got the new Iphone 6 +. Shane said, "Exponentially larger than the Iphone 5." Ibs said, "I can't even!"
Shane also cried all class because of his overactive tear ducts.

Friday, November 14, 2014

November 14, 2014

1 Hour English Lit.

We got a new seating chart!

Afterwards, we began reading Act 4

Notes For the Reading

  • Gertrude is being honest about Hamlet's madness
  • Claudius is suspecting that Hamlet will soon come after him, so he decides to ship Hamlet to England
  • Hamlet- "Compounded it [Polonius' body] with dust, whereto 'tis kin"
  • Hamlet compares Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to a sponge, not thinking for themselves and just soaking up every deed the King gives them.
  • Claudius is sending Hamlet to England so he can be killed.  This would cause less suspicion towards the Rulers.  Claudius claims he's trying to protect Hamlet.
  • Hamlet tells Claudius that he will find Polonius' body up the stairs in the lobby. Not only that, but you'll smell it too.
  • Hamlet is not aware of the King's plan of murdering him.
  • Hamlet encounters the captain of Fortinbras on his way to the ship.  Fortinbras is on its way to invade Poland.  Hamlet finds that this act of war upon Poland is solely action, while he is a man of inaction.
  • He finds the separation of men who take action or go through the motions.  Might as well be an animal that only eats and sleeps than take action.  He tells himself that he lacks ambition.

  • Study Questions for Scenes 5-7
  • Something has happened to Ophelia, why?
  • What is the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia?
  • What is the relationship between Hamlet and Laertes?
  • Why have the King and Queen not told Laertes the true story?
  • What is Laertes revenge?
  • What does Claudius use Laertes for? How does he convince him to do such a thing? 
  • Laertes reaction to Ophelia
  • What is the Sailor's message to Horatio?
  • What is Ophelia's demise?
  • What is Claudius and Laertes' new plan?
  • Ophelia loses her mind because of her father's death and brief secluded burial.
  • Ophelia's speech about Valentine's Day refers to her heart breaker, Hamlet. Another reason why she's crazy. She also claims how young men take virginity then leave.
  • Ophelia and Hamlet both betray each other.
  • Laertes is taking action to avenge his father.
  • When Laertes sees Ophelia's state, he becomes even more enraged.
  • The King is willing to help Laertes gain revenge. He is willing to let Hamlet die.
  • Horatio read Hamlet's letter- Tells of Pirates attacking Hamlet's ship- Hamlet goes with the Pirates- safer than being with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Hamlet is back in Denmark.
  • Ophelia drowns
  • Claudius is planning to fool not just the Kingdom that Hamlet's death was an accident but Gertrude as well.
  • Hamlet's practicing his swordsmanship. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 12, 2014

Today was cold to say the least, every body was in their winter attire and ready to get to work on this PLC day. "Hello Smith!" we replied to Mrs. Smith a little tired but enthusiastic.

The first thing we did was to write down the questions for the upcoming Act 4:
We then brought out our popcorn reclined in our chairs and watched 2 versions of scenes in Act 3. First we watched the oedipal complex version of the movie , and discussed as to why this version was used by the director.
  • What does it say about men?
  • Why is it a major interpretation of Shakespeare’s play?
  • Why choose to go this route?
  • Nurturing nature of a mother
  • Shows that she honestly feels bad about what happened
  • goes from fear to comfort
Then we watched the scene where Claudius and Polonius watch from afar as Hamlet and Ophelia talk to one another. In this version Hamlet goes off after Ophelia says they can’t be together and he realizes he’s been set up. This version was really good and even brought Mrs. Smith to tears........ just kidding but it was an emotional scene that was touching for a while.

Then watched killing of Polonius in the same version which was also very detailed. Both versions had different ways of portraying the ghost as it enters in on Gertrude and Hamlet. Which allowed for us to see why the people in the castle think Hamlet is mad and even got us questioning his sanity???

"Tickle fight with Brandon 12:08"
We then compared the two versions as a class and discussed.

HW: Start thinking about act 4 (NONE! :))

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 12, 2014

Today, Wednesday November 12th, classes were shortened due to PLC.

We went over quiz questions:

1. Does the queen keep her promise?
2. Hamlet's treatment of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
3. Denmark's feelings regarding Hamlet?
4. Is Hamlet aware of the king's plan?
5. Comparison of  Hamlet and Forinbras?
6. What role does madness or genius play in action vs. inaction?
7. Role of honor?
8. What is the information R&G get from Hamlet?
9. What does Hamlet debate in his to be or not to be speech?
10. What does Hamlet tell Ophelia to pursue
11. While Hamlet is in his mothers chamber, who appears to them?
12. Who does Hamlet sit next to in the play?
13. Who is supposed to discover why Hamlet is mad?
14. Who will observe Claudius during the play?
15. How long has it truly been since Hamlet's father died?
16. Where is Polinus when he dies?
17. Give two theories as to why Hamlet doesn't kill Claudius
18. How is Ophelia a victim in the play?

We also watched a few different versions of act 3.

Hamlet quiz is next week and is worth a lot of points so read act 4.
Homework: Act 4

Monday, November 10, 2014

Scribe 1ts Hour, Monday, November 10, 2014 Kristen Stucker

          Today the four groups performed their Reader's Theater Performance for Act 3 Scenes 1-4. Groups also turned in scripts, questions and motivation analysis of characters to Mrs. Smith.  The group performing in Act 3 Scene 1 were dressed up as Marvel characters. Their act was about when  Polonius and Claudius spy on Hamlet meeting with Ophelia to see if he was crazy due to denied love. Claudius decides that they need to watch Hamlet carefully and and that he isn't going insane because of love but rather something else.
         Act 3 Scene 2 was when Claidius, Gertrude, Hamlet, Hotario, and Ophelia and others watch the play. Hamlet has Horatio watch Claidius to see if he shows signs of guilt. During the play, which describes a murder very similar to the one Claudius committed, Claudius becomes overcome with guilt and runs out. Hamlet is requested to visit his mother and he must remind himself that not to hurt her. The group performing this act were hippies and had in tye dye, bandanas, and wigs.
         Act 3 Scene 3 involved Polonius, Guildenstern, Rosencratz, Claudius, and Hamlet. What happens in Claudius revealing that he regrets killing his brother and wonders if he ever could be forgiven for his crime. The group performing changed the setting to an retirement home.
        In Act 3 Scene 4, Hamlet speaks with his mother unaware that Polonius is hiding behind the curtain to eavesdrop and see why he's acting so crazy lately. Gertrude tells Hamlet that he offened his father(Claidius) but Hamlet says she offend his real father. Hamlet's anger scares Gertrude so Polonius calls for help. Hamlet thinking its Claudius stabs and kills Polonius. King Hamlet's ghost appears reminding Hamlet of his task, but only Hamlet can see the ghost and his mother thinks he's gone crazy. Hamlet tries to convince Gertrude that he was faking his craziness and makes her promise not to tell Claudius. She agrees and he leaves with Polinius' body and prepares to leave for England.

           After watching all the performances  the class officially decided that we will not have a fishbowl for Act 3. This means Jack, Sergi, Colton, and Nick will have to leader either Act 4 or 5's fishbowl.
          We took notes then on Act 3, following here:
Act 3 Scene 1:
   - Rosencratz/Guildenstern couldn't provide reasoning for Hamlet's craziness
   - Polonius had a theory that Hamlet is crazy because he's in love with Ophelia and she reflected his affections
   - His theory is proven false
   - When Hamlet tells Ophelia to become a nun he's suggesting that she's like a prositute and sold her body
   - Hamlet claims Ophelia is imagining things and that he never wrote  any letters to her
   - Hamlet gives his famous "to be or not to be" monologue in Act 3 Scene 1 in which he wonders whether or not he should die and decides that people rather carrying on suffering through troubles now than face the unknown troubles found after death. Hamlet currently chooses life over death

We watched 1996 (Kenneth Branagh) Hamlet scenes 26-27 (Hamlet and Ophelia's meeting) and scenes/chapters 30-31 (the play) in class. 

HW: The homework was fishbowl for Act 3 but since we decided against having one it became review and read Acts 3 Scenes 1-4. 

Essential Question:   Who are we? Men of Action or Inaction? Men of compassion or revenge?

Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7th Scribe: Justine Langas

Today Mrs. Smith was out if class, so Mr. Rosenberg was our substitute. He is pretty dope.
During class time we prepared for Reader's Theater that is due on Monday. The requirements are on Smith's website. Watch out, our group's reader's theater 15 dope.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Scribe November 6th Jessie Sloan

Today class was only 22 minutes long so we just worked on our Readers Theater. 

We should have our scripts finalized by now and have our costumes, props, settings etc. figured out and on Friday we will get the day to practice our scenes with our groups.

HW: Readers Theater work, turn in rubric, turn in annotated copy of scene(printed out), Performances Monday! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Scribe - Nov. 3rd: Shane.

Groups  begin working on "Readers Theater" on their respective scenes of Hamlet.
Groups are too:
1. Put scene on google docs
2. Assign roles & add lines
3. Add stage directions & vocal inflections
4. Summarize scene
5. Character motivation? 1-2 sentences
6. 4 ?'s on blue sheet: What is the main idea of this act? What is the most important event of this act? Who is the most important character of this act? How do the characters' actions reflect on previous acts' conflicts and events?
7. Setting and costumes

*groups begin work*

Smith puts on some music :) she plays Queen instead of Soulja Boy

(Best group)