Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scribe, Monday November 17th

Today in class we finished reading Act 4 starting on page 229 (class book) with the roles from last class.
Laertes- Kristen
King- Dan
Important points talked about in class:

  • Everyone will think Laertes killed Hamlet by accident 
  • Hamlet envies Laertes fencing ability
  • King asks Laertes how far he is willing to go to avenge his fathers death
  • Laertes is going to use a poisoned sword
  • King wants Hamlet to get tired and want a drink, but Hamlet will drink poison
  • Ophelia was looking for flowers, she goes to deep into the bank, her cloths get too heavy and she drowns.
After we read Act 4 we watched all three versions of Ophelia being crazy and compared and contrasted them. 
Homework:  Review notes on ACT 3 AND 4 (review questions on Mrs. Smiths power point) big quiz WED. Act 4 fishbowl on Friday!

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