Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 12, 2014

Today was cold to say the least, every body was in their winter attire and ready to get to work on this PLC day. "Hello Smith!" we replied to Mrs. Smith a little tired but enthusiastic.

The first thing we did was to write down the questions for the upcoming Act 4:
We then brought out our popcorn reclined in our chairs and watched 2 versions of scenes in Act 3. First we watched the oedipal complex version of the movie , and discussed as to why this version was used by the director.
  • What does it say about men?
  • Why is it a major interpretation of Shakespeare’s play?
  • Why choose to go this route?
  • Nurturing nature of a mother
  • Shows that she honestly feels bad about what happened
  • goes from fear to comfort
Then we watched the scene where Claudius and Polonius watch from afar as Hamlet and Ophelia talk to one another. In this version Hamlet goes off after Ophelia says they can’t be together and he realizes he’s been set up. This version was really good and even brought Mrs. Smith to tears........ just kidding but it was an emotional scene that was touching for a while.

Then watched killing of Polonius in the same version which was also very detailed. Both versions had different ways of portraying the ghost as it enters in on Gertrude and Hamlet. Which allowed for us to see why the people in the castle think Hamlet is mad and even got us questioning his sanity???

"Tickle fight with Brandon 12:08"
We then compared the two versions as a class and discussed.

HW: Start thinking about act 4 (NONE! :))

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