Monday, March 30, 2015

Scribe 3/30/15 Period 1

Today on the first day back from spring break we had a work day.
  • First we finished watching Stranger than Fiction since we had 15 min. left of it that we didn't finish on Friday before break.    
  • After we had the rest of class to work on our summary response that will be due Wed. April 1st.  or our Last Lecture part 2 that is due on Friday April 3rd.  
For the Summary Response:
  • One paragraph is the summary, one paragraph is the response 
  • 1 1/2 pages double spaced 
  • In the summary paragraph explain what happened in the movie (summarize)
  • In the response paragraph TAKE A POSITION AND STATE WHY
For the Last Lecture part 2:
  • This part is about your lasting legacy at Arapahoe High School
  • Include your theme in part 2 you wrote on the top of your first last lecture 
Also... We got copies of Brave New World so be sure to get a copy if you didn't next class!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Scribe for Monday March 9th

In class we had a whole period to work on our Dr.Phil/Frankenstein performances.  Presentations will be on Friday so come to class rehearsed and ready to perform.

  • Make sure to print out a copy of the script to turn into Mrs. Smith and copies for all your group members to read from, you will not be required to memorize the script
  • Follow the blue handout on the format for the script
  • Some groups began practicing stage directions, don't neglect this. There will also be more time to work on wed. 
  • It is VERY important we create amazing presentations because if we impress Mrs. Smith we will watch a movie instead of doing a science paper
For Wed: Have a plan on what your group will be working on this is the last day in class work time will be available.  Also, Class starts at 12:00 because of PARC.  Class will be shortened (we have 42 min).

And don't forget about your LL2 those are due in April!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Scribe March 4, 2015

Ben Newell
  • LL appointment due tomorrow
  • Parent teacher conference letter, placed in a shared folder with Mrs. Smith
  • Groups of three for Frankenstein Dr. Phil project.
Frankenstein Dr. Phil project:
-If the projects are very good, instead of doing the very long science essay the class will watch the movie Stranger Than Fiction.
-Projects should be more in depth than the example clips show.
-Commercials are preferred to be creative.
-Make sure the script comes to a resolution of some sort, no storming out.
Homework: Work on script, presentation next Friday.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Scribe March 2, 2015

Ben Newell
  • Set up appointment to go over LL1, By thursday.
  • Check grades for parent teacher conferences
  • Fishbowl Frankenstein ending.
  • Intro to Dr. Phil Frankenstein project.
  • Some PARCC info
Fishbowl ideas:
Can the monster be good?
  • He tried, but humanity rejected him.
-The monster taunts Victor in the final chase.
-Monster just wants a bro.
-Victor is a coward.(runs from initial creature and bails on the female creature)
Can the creature be a victim even if he kills?
  • Most of his motivation comes from his abandonment, so even though his killings aren’t fully justified, the monster is not totally to blame.
  • Victim of abandonment, but enjoys killing so he is not a good being.
Dr. Phil Project:
-Must have a Dr. Phil, Frankenstein and Monster.
-No storming out in act, must be constructive.
-Present on either Wednesday or Friday of next week depending on PARCC schedule.
Examples of Dr. Phil:

Homework: Work on Dr. Phil Script.