Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Scribe for Monday March 9th

In class we had a whole period to work on our Dr.Phil/Frankenstein performances.  Presentations will be on Friday so come to class rehearsed and ready to perform.

  • Make sure to print out a copy of the script to turn into Mrs. Smith and copies for all your group members to read from, you will not be required to memorize the script
  • Follow the blue handout on the format for the script
  • Some groups began practicing stage directions, don't neglect this. There will also be more time to work on wed. 
  • It is VERY important we create amazing presentations because if we impress Mrs. Smith we will watch a movie instead of doing a science paper
For Wed: Have a plan on what your group will be working on this is the last day in class work time will be available.  Also, Class starts at 12:00 because of PARC.  Class will be shortened (we have 42 min).

And don't forget about your LL2 those are due in April!

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