Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Scribe March 2, 2015

Ben Newell
  • Set up appointment to go over LL1, By thursday.
  • Check grades for parent teacher conferences
  • Fishbowl Frankenstein ending.
  • Intro to Dr. Phil Frankenstein project.
  • Some PARCC info
Fishbowl ideas:
Can the monster be good?
  • He tried, but humanity rejected him.
-The monster taunts Victor in the final chase.
-Monster just wants a bro.
-Victor is a coward.(runs from initial creature and bails on the female creature)
Can the creature be a victim even if he kills?
  • Most of his motivation comes from his abandonment, so even though his killings aren’t fully justified, the monster is not totally to blame.
  • Victim of abandonment, but enjoys killing so he is not a good being.
Dr. Phil Project:
-Must have a Dr. Phil, Frankenstein and Monster.
-No storming out in act, must be constructive.
-Present on either Wednesday or Friday of next week depending on PARCC schedule.
Examples of Dr. Phil:

Homework: Work on Dr. Phil Script.

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