Friday, November 21, 2014

11/19/2014 English Lit 4th Hour Scribe

11/19/2014 English Lit 4th Hour Scribe Fishbowl Friday over Act IV Justine, Adam, Tyler, Juliette, Spencer, and Ibrahim will be leading the discussion. Mrs. Smith told them to have a lot of good questions prepared and to have a critical analysis done. Next we lead in to the quiz over Avt III and IV The quiz is very long, it was a partner quiz. But before the quiz, we talked about our Final There are two options that we will chose on Friday 1st Option (For now until the end of the semester) Read Act V Watch Ending in the Branaugh Movie Then Quiz Then the Fishbowl First Week Read Oedipus Rex, the epitome of Greek tragedy Second Week Then we will prepare for a discussion as our final Then the Final will be a discussion over Hamlet, Life of Pi, and Oedipus Rex Pros: No writing Con: No writing, so that won’t help our our writing category of grade if we need it 270 Points in Critical Thinking category Option 2 Read Act V, Watch the Ending in the Branaugh Movie, Quiz First Week Monday: Thesis Wednesday: First Body Paragraph Friday 2nd body Paragraph Second Week Monday: 3rd Body Paragraph and Finalize outline Final: Write the Essay in Class Pros: Point in Writing Category, will get a ton of help from Mrs. Smith, college preparation 300 point in writing category 150 point final All in all, the point of this is that Mrs. Smith really wants us to do well on the Final Took the Quiz

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