Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kevin Kerby 9/17 Scribing

Kevin Kerby

-Collect essay
.think pair and share
-Watch Richard parker taming
-Who are we? Vein diagram with pi
.Define Who are we
.specific words
.connect to your self
. Answer?
-Discuss 67-78 check annotations
-79-86 read and annotate
- Set up appointment with smith

Set up appointment with smith (off hours mwf6 th1,4,6 and before and after school)
_Collected college essay on your self
-Pi movie
.What are the visual aspect that Pi movie is trying to represent
.talked about the visual symbolism
ex. Sun setting on pi when he’s on the raft(The peacefulness the ocean offers Pi compared to Richard parker), Jelly fish rising up ( the symbolic faith he still hold for sanity)
_ Got in to groups of 6ish for the vein diagram
.groups chose word that represent Pi and then quotes to support them

Pics of Vein diagrams

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