Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kevin Kerby
-Collect college essay
.Think Pair Share essay
.How are our essays like pi's life
-Watch Ship sink in life of pi movie
.Power of hope vs. Fear, Barbarism vs. belief
.Discuses 46-51(check annotations)
.Questions of hope +  fear
agenda link
-Go over agenda
-Retrieve essay ( on Crossroads)
.Highlight your favorite line after reading your own essay
.Mrs. Smith put the class into groups of 4ish to share their essay's
.When reading your group members essay's you where to highlight your favorite line from the essay
.Then we turned essay's in to Smith
-Pi's cross road
.How does pi's story relate to yours
.What is a cross road in pi's life ( Moving, boat sinking, Richard Parker)

. Watch boat sink in Life of Pi movie
.We reflect/ discuss during watching of the movie

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