Tuesday, September 9, 2014

EWL Week 4: Monday 9/8/2014
Scribe done by: Courtney Cissell, Period 4 Smith

  • scribe
  • One quote and visual that illustrates power of hope: describe why they picked the quote and visual- go through linked slideshow
  • Discuss 37-45:  check annotations
  • read 46-51
    • About 20 pages
  • HW: finish reading, doughnut day, Crossroads essay: describe a crossroads you have faced in your life? how did it shape you? define you?
    • The crossroad essay is a common essay put on many college applications and is on the common application
    • Some examples of crossroad essays are
      • Being cut from a sport or activity
      • Relationships
      • Tragedy/Trauma
      • Moving
College essay:
Essay: typed, proofread, double spaced 1 ½ pages:

College Essay tips:
  1. Tell a story: be about you
  2. ⅓, ⅔ rule
    1. Meaning:
      1. Put name and only your name at the top of your page
      2. First half of the first page, tell the story of what happened, the second half of the first page and the rest of the second page (about one page in length) tell how the story shapes you and how it has defined your life.
  3. Be positive
    1. Meaning:
      1. Even when you are writing about something negative you should put a positive outlook into your writing
      2. Colleges don’t accept students who are depressed and caught up in the past they would rather see someone who faced hardships, however came around and learned something new and moved forward with life in a positive way.
  4. Don’t offend
  5. Avoid cliches
  6. Be you

After Going over our homework and some tips to be successful when writing a college essay, we shared our quotes about hope.
For all the quote slides.

Here are some examples of quotes said and what they mean to the person who chose it:

  1. Life is under no obligations to give us what we expect. Author, Margaret Mitchell, classmate, Shane Mastro.
    1. Shane says, “What that means to me is we shape our own path and create our own destiny.”
  2. Hope is the last thing ever lost. Author, Italian saying, classmate, Juliette Tubbs.
    1. Juliette says, “To me this means even in the worst times hope is never lost.”
  3. Hope is a waking dream. Author, Aristotle, classmate, Spencer Hanson.
    1. Spencer says, “The picture of the sprout on my slide symbolizes new life.” Every time you wake up you're filled with life.
  4. If you're going through hell, keep going. Author, Winston churchill, classmate, Ben Newell
    1. Ben says, “This means even when you are going through tough times you should continue hoping for the future.”

After sharing our quotes about hope and what they mean to us, Mrs. Smith checked our annotations in Life of Pi.

We then had a brief conversation about the chapters we read for today. Here were the questions discussed:

  1. Why is chapter 37 started the way it is?
    1. As a class we came to a senses that chapter 37 opens with the line, “the ship sank” because it really grabbed the readers attention. It pulled in interest because it left us questioning how it sank, if he is alive, and what happened.
  2. Where do we see the elements of hope, fear, and belief throughout these chapters?
    1. Hope
      1. Orange Juice the orangutan because she is so calm and the hyena does not attack her
      2. Pi because he isn’t being negative he keeps thinking today is the day i’ll be rescued as days pass
    2. Fear
      1. Richard Parker causes fear because such a large predator is on such a small boat with pi
      2. The hyena, especially at night when it becomes active and pi can no longer see it
      3. Sharks in the water below him. There seems to be no safe place to stay.
    3. Belief
      1. When Pi calls out and prays to all the different gods.

Funny Quote of the day:

“Babies look like potatoes” -Justine

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