Monday, September 22, 2014

9/22 English Lit

Juliette Tubbs
  • Finish poster work from last week: who are we...
how pi and we are similar and different
  • Discuss 87-91:
    • Check annotations
    • Chapter 90 and 91: what the heck?(seriouslyyyyy)
      • interpretations of chapters?
      • vote
  • Read 92
    • watch island scene
  • HW: finish reading chapter 92 (34 pages), annotate, finalize college essay: must meet with me before submitting final essay. 
  • Sign up by going into Mrs. Smith. The final copy of your essay is due 10/3 must meet once before then.
Discussion of chapters 90 and 91:
What are your interpretations?
  • hes dying these are his last thoughts
  • his humanity is dying
  • pi's inner will to survive
  • hallucinating
  • making amends
  • Vishnu god comes to him as the French guy
  • all gods trying to help him out
  • Pi is already dead?
  • Richard Parker is completely made up
  • Pi is going mad
  • dehydration 
  • Pi's subconscious mind
  • Dreaming
  • really is someone else talking to him
  • It's Ravi or a stranger
  • wants human interaction so bad
Simplified theories:
1. Hallucinations/going mad/talking to god/Pi is dying
2. It is a real person

More notes over chapters read:
  • feds RP so he will not eat Pi
  • breaking the rules to survive
  • Pi is turning animalistic
  • changing your personality to survive
  • all humans have a animal side in us
  • we will all give up
  • Pi has the same moments of doubt
  • fear/doubt v. hope
  • he is split into multiple personalities
  • feels remorse for eating human
  • bother: in the same boat or religion shared experience

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