Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scribe 9-24

     We started class today with Smith describing tonight's homework. We are to read Chapter 93 through either page 303 in the larger book or 381 in the school issued copy.
     Also we are to begin thinking about which topic we want to write for our final Life of Pi essay. It is best to wait until we finish the book in order to get all the ideas of the book together but keep in mind which topic strikes you the most. Also there is the option of a free choice but you need to get Smith's approval first.
     The last piece of homework is to choose which college essay you want to turn in as your final but remember, you need to go in and meet with Smith first before you turn it in. The essay is due Friday, October 3rd.
     Prior to today you needed to have read chapter 92 and after the homework was discussed we watched the scene from the movie regarding chapter 92. That took a good chunk of the hour and once the movie finished we circled up and read the next session as a class.

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