Friday, August 29, 2014

Scribe August 29th, 2014 Andrew Brooks

We opened class by discussing another college essay we must write.  The topic this time around is: “How do our beliefs and faith (either absence or presence) define us?”.  We then talked about good tactics for writing college essays.  A good one is to tell a story.  Try to make ⅓ of the essay a story and the other ⅔ about how the story shapes you.  More tactics are to be positive, don't offend by using controversial topics, avoid using cliches, and just be you.

Next, we broke into groups of four and shared our song assignment with each other, discussing some of the lines and how they apply to our lives.

We then split the board into three categories which were: questions, observations, and good lines. We split into groups of four and contributed to these subjects while Mrs. Smith checked annotations.
“Who spoke in chapter 6?
We noticed that whenever Pi speaks of zoo’s, he ties religion into it as well.
Good line:
Behind the curtain of “The most dangerous animal” was a mirror.

To wrap class up, we watched a bit of the movie. We watched the scene where Pi explains his name.

College Faith Essay (Wed)
Chapters 9-27 (Wed)

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