Thursday, August 28, 2014

Scribe, Wednesday, August 27th

We started the class out with a quick introduction, and then went into a class discussion about chapters 1-3 of ‘Life of Pi’.

Fish Bowl Summary
- First words of the book, “My suffering left me sad and gloomy”.
-What does that say about the character?
-What mood does that imply the rest of the book is going to have?
-Why talk about pools for 3 whole pages?
-What is Pi telling us?
-What is the author telling us?
-Pi’s family aversion to the water…
-Chapter 2
- Who is speaking?
- Are they speaking about Pi?
- Interesting perspective on how we look at ourselves vs. how other people look at us.
-Will these changes of perspective continue in the rest of the book?

Then Smith handed out a class expectations worksheet that we all signed, you will need to do that when you get to class tomorrow. (Picture attached)


Print out the lyrics to your favorite song. Annotate the crap out of it. For real. Pour your soul into the annotations.

Read and Annotate Ch. 4-8 of ‘Life of Pi’

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