Monday, October 27, 2014

Scribe October 27- Sabrina Herzog

HW: review notes on act 2, fishbowl group prepare for Wednesday : syllabus (shared) and critical review (printed)

We began the morning by finishing act 2. We then discussed Hamlet’s monologue: Hamlet is astonished that the First Player can show so much emotion during a scene when he himself cannot show emotion about his situation. Hamlet then calls himself dull spirited and a coward for his inaction. It is here he devises his plan to have the players perform a play similar to his father’s murder to see if Claudius will admit his guilt. Also note, Hamlet says “The spirit that I have seen may be a devil and the devil hath power t’ assume a pleasing shape” showing Hamlet understands he cannot trust the Ghost alone, and needs more proof before getting revenge on Claudius.
We took the quiz on act 2 in groups
Things to remember:
  1. Polonius’ relationship with Laertes
  2. Polonius’ assumptions re: Hamlet and Ophelia
  3. Cause of Hamlet’s madness
  4. Voltemand’s message from Norway
  5. Claudius and Polonius’ plan
  6. Roles of R and G
  7. Hamlet’s suspicions of his friends
  8. Acting troupe v. child actors
  9. Player’s speech
  10. Hamlet man of action or inaction
  11. Hamlet’s plan
  12. Dissect Hamlet’s monologue

After the quiz we watched movie clips

    • Gibson: scene 10: 35 and again at 53
      • watch for Ophelia- She seems startled, but not afraid of Hamlet’s disheveled, crazy state, she smiles at him a lot (weirdo)
      • friendships with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern- Hamlet is insistent they tell him that they were sent and why, they make jokes to avoid answering but Hamlet answers for them
    • Branagh: scenes 16, 17, and 20
      • watch Ophelia, Polonius- Ophelia enters terrified and tells her father of Hamlet’s visit, Polonius acts fatherly for the first time and apologizes to his daughter for not paying more attention to the situation

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