Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014

Ms. Smith is gone ): but on the brightside, it’s donut day!!!!!!!!!!!
Shoutout to Adam for bringing Krispy Kreme!
Mr. Rosenberg is the sub so if you're not here, your loss.
We are watching the part where Hamlet meets with the ghost of his father (in all 3 versions of the movie), I would tell you more about the movies but honestly they are just really creepy, and have bad acting, (sorry I would not call myself a fan of Shakespeare)...

The first version was really fast paced at the beginning and sort of hard to follow.
The second version was way simpler so that was nice, I definitely like that one better than the first.
The third version (the Mel Gibson one) was my favorite though, it was easy to follow and the acting wasn’t
as bad as the others, I understood this version the best.
Then we continued on to read Act 2, Scene 1 in class, so catch yourself up if you were gone! Polonius: Kenyon
Reynaldo: Marco
Ophelia: Justine (who wasn’t here, so Brandon read for her, in a really bad, girly accent...) :0

Homework: Read modern translation of Act 2. Fishbowl on act 2 next week: To the group presenting, start your question list. 

-Kendra G.

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