Friday, October 24, 2014

Scribe October 24, 2014-Tyler Randolph


We started the class with a discussion over act 2.1 and  Hamlet and Ophelia's meet in her sewing room. The key idea from this encounter is that hamlet is starting to be viewed by the people as a crazy, desperate person. This is not helping his credibility as a future ruler. We then finished scene 2.2. Other key points is that Old Fortingbras discovered young Fortingbras' plan to attack Denmark.  Young Fortingbras then got in trouble and was made to swear not to attack Denmark ever. Then he requests that Norwegian troops can pass through Denmark.
We have a quiz on MONDAY over all of Act 2.
Break down essential monolougues for their meanings and connections.

H.W- Study act 2, and Act 2 Fishbowl on Wednesday.

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