Friday, October 24, 2014

English Scribe

7:21-7:34  -> reviewed hamlet Act 2 scene 1
  • Talked about Polonius and his task for Ronaldo to ask Hamlet questions about his drinking, swearing, and womanizing.
  • Talked about Hamlet and Ophelia and their “love crazed” meeting→ Polonius says he is going to see the king
Questions to remember for the quiz:
  1. Polonius’ relationship with his son, Laertes?
  2. Polonius’ assumptions re: Hamlet and Ophelia?
  3. Cause of Hamlet’s madness?
  4. Voltemand’s message from Norway?
  5. Claudius and Polonius’ plan?
  6. Roles of R and G?
  7. Hamlet’s suspicions of his friends?
  8. Acting troupe v. child actors?
  9. Player’s speech?
  10. Hamlet man of action or inaction?
  11. Hamlet’s plan?
  12. Dissect Hamlet’s monologue?
7:35-7:38  went over questions above
7:38-8:20→ read act 2 scene 2

  • talked about why Hamlet was mad→ mother knew(his father died and they[claudius] got married to quickly)
  • talked about Polonius and the Queen’s conversation on Hamlet’s letter to Ophelia
  • talked about the “plan” (get Hamlet and Ophelia in a room and watch them)--> want to see if Polonius’ plan is right.
  • talked about how Hamlet insulted Polonius→ he knows about how he told Ophelia not to be with him(Hamlet)
    • HW: Act 2. 1-2, fishbowl group prepare for Wednesday, quiz on Monday

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