Monday, October 20, 2014

Scribe 10-20

First Mrs. Smith introduced the new google classrooms website
Steps for the website:
  1. Go to:
  2. Login with your email.
  3. Press add a class with the code: bkjudzj.

Next we fish-bowled.
  • How is Hamlet’s relationship with his mother different than with Claudius?
  • Why did the ghost of King Hamlet refuse to talk to anyone besides young Hamlet?
  • What do you think Hamlet’ relationship with his father was like before he died?
  • What does the ghosts armor say about the state of denmark?
  • Why does Horatio talk about Julius Caesar and his death after the ghost appears?
  • Why does Gertrude decide to marry so soon after King Hamlet’s death?
  • Why is Hamlet willing to follow the ghost when his friends try hard to hold him back?
  • What is the significance of Horatio and Marcellus swearing to Hamlet’s sword instead of a traditional vow to God?
  • Does Gertrude really care for Hamlet, or does he just want him to stop being sad in front of the court?
  • Why does Polonius have so many odd requests for Laertes right before he leaves?
  • Why is Ophelia more reluctant to talk about Hamlet with her father than with Laertes?
  • How do you think Hamlet will avenge his father?
  • What role has religion played so far? For hamlet? For the marriage of Claudius and Gertrude?
Some main points:

  • Hamlet probably had a good relationship with his father, although his father’s request for him to kill Claudius is interesting.
  • Hamlet would have been next in line, so Claudius taking the throne should not have happened.
  • Gertrude could have been trying to keep power for herself by marrying Claudius instead of losing power to Hamlet.
  • Discussed Shakespeare and what he could be saying about women: lust for power and conniving ways.
  • Hamlet’s religion could get in the way of his revenge against Claudius.
  • Hamlet had his friends swear by his sword because it is a more important vow, and his reputation is on the line.

-Ben Newell

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