Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday, October 3

  • Collect college essay
Turned in College Essays
  • Write final essay- print off for Monday: Rubric
-Worked on Life of Pi Essay (PowerPoint)
-Due Monday, Oct. 6
-Must be printed out before class
-Outline must be printed out before class
-Include Rubric
Hamlet books were checked out
-barcoded and filled out blue cards
-copy of Hamlet for Mon.
Pi essay due Monday printed off before class with rubric and outline printed off as well
  • HW: Finalize essay
    • Mamaji said “ This is a story that will make you believe in God.”
      • Do you agree or disagree? why or why not?
    • Life of Pi: Is this a book of barbarism or belief? Is this a book of faith or fear? What helps us survive?
    • Which story do you prefer? Pi’s story or other version?
    • How does Life of Pi answer the question of who are we?
    • Write your own Pi story
      • Fantasy v. reality
      • must have fantastical elements
      • model after Pi
    • Free choice: approved by Smith
-Get a copy of Hamlet or check one out from Smith

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