Friday, February 13, 2015

Scribe for February 13, 2015 Chris Davis

Chris Davis
English Lit

Today, we started by passing in our Last Lecture Part 1. Papers. We had to put the theme of our paper on the top and hand it it.


During class, we watched a movie clip of the old Frankenstein movie in black and white.
We discussed the similarities between the movie and the chapters we read for homework.

We also had to get into groups and make an "instagram" post. Using a picture that your group took, we had to find a quote relating to the feelings that Frankenstein would have been feeling during his discovery in chapter 4.

We also went over the reading that we did for homework, and if we had any questions about chapters, 1-4, that was the time to ask them.

  • Read/Annotate chapter 5-9 for Wednesday.
  • Answer questions on question sheet we received from Mrs. Smith. 
  •  Make an appointment with Mrs. Smith to go over your Last Lecture PT. 1 outside of class. 

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