Monday, February 9, 2015

EWL Week 6- Monday
Scribe By Courtney Cissell Per 4 Smith Feb 9, 2015
What’s it going to take to actually read and discuss?
  • Read Discuss Shelley Background: read vii-xxii,
  • Read Letters 1-4: bring answers to the questions: (see other side)
  • HW: LL1, Finish reading Letters 1-4 of Frankenstein, annotate text: (Question sheet)
Guiding question: "To what extent does a creator have responsibility for its creation? When does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions?"
    • Who is writing the letters? to whom is he writing? what is their relationship?
    • Where is Robert Walton? Why is he there? What are his plans?
    • Analyze, “ What can stop the determined heart and resolved will of man?”
    • What strange accident happened to the sailors?
    • Why does the man picked up by the ship say he is there? what shape is he in? what sort of person does he seem to be? How does Walton respond to the man?
    • How much time has elapsed when Walton begins writing again? What has happened in the meantime? How does the man respond to Walton’s project? Why does the man agree to tell his story?

First we all sat in a circle and discussed what we want our reading to look like over the remainder of the semester and what it would take to actually read and discuss the book.
Some things Mrs. Smith suggested are:
  • Small quizzes- 3-5 questions
  • Annotations
  • Reading time in class
  • Not an excessive amount of reading assigned outside of class

Mrs. Smith and the class agreed that we would do all of the above until Mrs. Smith can trust we will do the reading at which point we will have the ideal classroom of: Assign a short amount of reading, less than 20 pages and the reading is tough so we will discuss the book in class and there will be no quizzes or annotating.
Mrs. Smith then passed out I have sheet of paper with questions on it for letters 1-4. In terms of annotating the book, all we have to do is answer the questions on the sheet and for all quizzes there will only be information taken directly from our reading sheets.

We then began to read letter 1-4 and the introduction about Mary Shelley as a class.

Introduction to Mary Shelley:
  1. She was perfect and yet she lead a terrible life
  2. She was surrounded by death
  3. Bringing inanimate objects to life plays a large theme or motif in this novel.
Themes to look at while reading Frankenstein:

  1. Family conflict
  2. Mistrust of science
  3. Sympathy of mankind abandoned by your creator
  4. Is the scientist, which is Doctor Frankenstein, more about hurting himself or hurting others
  5. Corruption
  6. Guilt

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