Wednesday, February 18, 2015

EWL Week 7- Wednesday
Scribe by Courtney Cissell Period 4 Smith 2/18/15
New Seating Chart
Set up appt to go over LL1: LL theme (Period 4)
Discuss Frankenstein 5-8 (go over questions- how does this connect to scientific advancements from today’s society?, Period 4: check annotations from 1-4
Read 9-12: annotate and answer questions
HW: Finish reading; annotations, answer questions
Guiding question: "To what extent does a creator have responsibility for its creation? When does the creation assume responsibility for its own actions?"

Check chapter 1-4 and 4-8 annotations. Within the next two weeks we need to see Smith about the Last Lecture to be sure our first and second parts will correlate. We signed up in smiths agenda during class.
Smiths unscheduled hours:
TH- 1, 4, and 6
Smith passed back our first part of “The last Lecture,” “The Fall of Satan” questions, and our quizzes from last week on letters 1-4.
The next thing we did, was discuss all of the questions from chapters 1-8. Every one had to answer 1 question from the sheet as we weaved around the classroom.
*Make sure you understand the first 8 chapters well.
The letters actually take place much later, with victor and elizabeth growing up, but then mom gets sick with scarlet fever and dies. Victor is away at school and develops an interest in Biology, natural science and almost witchcraft because he enjoyed seeing how different specimens would react if they crossed different body parts. For example giving a frog a tail or things like that. At this point Victor created the monster, but as soon as he finished creating it he knew that he made a mistake by making the monster.

After discussing chapters 1-8 we divided into groups of 2 or 3 and found one quote from each chapter (chapters 5-8) and we wrote the quote down and chose an emoji to put by it to show the emotional rollercoaster that had happened with in this book.

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