Friday, February 6, 2015

Scribe 2/6 - Shane Masto

Scribe - 2/6 Shane Masto
Period 4, Smiths Class.

HW: Check out Frankenstein, LL1- due in one week: childhood dreams; one common theme.
Today: Finish Fall of Satan Packet/collects. Fishbowl: To what extent does a creator have responsibility towards is creation?

Class gets in fishbowl and has "Fall of Satan Packet" and their 5 questions for the discussion.
- (Questions should be over what we have learned so far, Dante, Paradise lost and other media we have studied.)

  • Discusses Dante's and Paradise Lost interpretation of hell (fire and ice)
Ideas talked about during discussion:
  • Satan and God's power?
  • Long discussion on free will and humanistic choices and religious views. 
  • "We are all pure until we shown sin". Idea of experiencing sinful acts and free will.
  • Sinful acts and how and why we commit them.
  • How we view heaven and hell? 
  • Are we scared of hell? 

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