Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Class is very energetic the second we sit in our seats, we fill the room with laughter, screams hoots and hollers. Mrs. Smith we find our soon enough has a bad migraine and tells us to settle down. Then after I make a scream Mrs. Smith calls me a third grade little girl;( haha.

We then look at the power point for today which shows us questions on Act 5 that we are to think about and be able to answer by the end of the act. They are as follows:

We pick parts and begin reading act 5 which begins with the Gravedigger and "other" having a conversation about the burial of Ophelia.

Because its Shakespeare several times during the scene we are forced to laugh out loud because we don't get the jokes that Mrs. Smith does get.

Topics Discussed During Reading
  • Death is the big equalizer

  • We are all the same

  • Yorick is an old jester Hamlet used to love because he used to make him laugh and entertain him

  • Laertes and Hamlet fight over who loved Ophelia more

  • Osric is the king's servant

Class ends as we are just almost getting finished with the scene.

Homework: Look at Act 5 Questions
If you are doing the Optional Essay work on thesis and intro and meet with Mrs. Smith to revise it.

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