Monday, December 8, 2014

1st Hour Scribe (December 8, 2014)

The class separated into two groups. One group worked on their essay while the other read the book Oedipus. 

  • The group reading Oedipus got to page 49.
                            Thebes                                                                 Corinth

                                 /\                                                                             /\
                               /    \                                                                         /    \
                             /        \                                                                     /        \
                     Laius  ---> Jocasta                                                Polybus -->Merope
                  Oedipus                                                                                  |
    Oedipus runs into Laius and kills him.        <---------------- Oedipus "Swollen Foot"

    • Laius and Jocasta are married 
    • Proficey that said their baby would grow up and kill his father (Laius) and marry his mother (Jocasta) 
    • Once the baby is born a shephard took the child to the mountains to kill him. But the shepard wouldn't follow through with the plan to kill the baby.
    • The Queen of Corinth (Merope) and King (Polybus) took in the baby and named him Oedipus.
    • Oedipus travels to Thebes.
    • He runs into King Laius and kills him without knowing who he is.
    • He then marries Queen Jocasta and has four kids with her.
    • Oedipus is on a mission to find out who killed the King of Thebes.
  • People working on the essay just worked on the outline today. (There is an outline on the webpage.)
    • Homework is to do the first introduction paragraph and to start working on the first body paragraph of the essay. 

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