Wednesday, December 3, 2014

1st Hour Scribe Wednesday Nov. 3

Late start day today, which means shortened class.
First thing, we got donuts (great way to start off class)!
In class we finished reading Act 5 in hamlet as some of our classmates acted out the rest of the scene. Everyone did a great job portraying their characters death, since there were MANY characters who died in this scene.  Kristen especially had a great fall in the scene when the queen fell from her chair from the poison!
After finishing the scene we got into groups of 2-3 people to take the Act 5 quiz while we watched two versions of the scene where Hamlet and Laertes sword fight.  Ultimately Hamlet and Laertes are struck with the poisoned sword.  The queen drinks the poisoned drink intended for Hamlet, and Hamlet forces the king to drink the poison before he himself dies.  Fortinbras then takes rule over Denmark and the play ends. We finished the Mel Gibson version but did not finish watching the other modern version. (didn't watch older version)
Homework for Friday: Everyone who is leading the fishbowl for act 5 Friday, Dec. 5th have questions and summary ready and be prepared to lead fishbowl on Friday.  ALSO students who are writing the essay for their final have your outline finished by next week so you can start writing ad getting help from Mrs. Smith!

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