Monday, May 11, 2015

May 10 scribe

May 10th.
Smith starts the class by reminding all of us who is speaking which days for our finals.
Also remember to link you presentation to the link on the web page. Also day of your presentation make sure you have your syllabus.

Justine starts us off with the first last lecture of the day.
Great way to start it off learning about a competitive spirit individual and learning how great sports can impact our life journey

Tyler showed us how important it is to follow what you want in life and set goals that are achievable and attainable/

Adam left a lasting legacy on all of us as “ the guy “ so if you are out there and want others to remember you be the guy and show everyone what it means to be the guy.

Cameron touched us with a memorable lecture that will stay with me and showed the importance of love .

Juliette explains to us how important it is to be creative unique and innovative.

Courtney showed us how important it is to chase dreams and how hard work will always win out.

Shane delivers the best of the day duh lol \
Jake truly shows us a lasting lecture memorable and touching. 

The first day of presentations was amazing and glad I was here to feel the impact of my fellow students. 


Get ready those who have to present on Wednesday !!! 3 MORE DAYS AHHHHHHH 

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