Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ibs Karoussa 05/06/2015 English Literature

  • Scribe
  • Check in books
  • Work on Presentations:
  • Sign up for presentation order:
    • Link Google Presentation: check permissions
  • HW: LL speech: presentation- review rubric; presentation linked by tomorrow- check permissions;
  • Link for today's calender:

  1. We started off class with talking about our last lecture and how we should be prepared to present either Monday or Wednesday                                                                                           Link:

  2. Ms Smith talked about how to check in BRAVE NEW WORLD  book, you find the bar-code that is inside your book and scan it usin the scanner connected to Ms Smith's computer and put the book on the counter
  3. Ms Smith wants us to check our grades, because everything is now up to date and ready to go.
  4. Our final (LL) is worth 16% of our final grade
  5. Make sure when you link your presentation to the document on Today's calender that it can be viewed by anyone                                                                                                                             Link:
  6. keep working on Last Lecture

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