Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday, April 13th

Today at the beginning of class we had a few minutes to go over and practice our Montages then each group performed. The remaining of the time we started on our reading homework.

Smith came around and checked annotations for Chapters 5 and 6

Your homework is to work on your Manifesto quotes (25-30) we will be working on them in the journalism room on the 24th and 27th. Read chapters 7 and 8 (annotate) by Wednesday. Try to connect your annotations to our essential question which is:
- To what extent does a creator have responsibility towards its creation?
- When does a creation assume responsibility for itself?
- Ask questions to other pieces we have read this year?

* Smith will be giving a huge point quiz on Monday the 20th so make sure to be here. The quiz will be over chapters 1-9 and may potentially be open book*

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