Friday, April 10, 2015

Doughnuts Day Scribe 4/08/15

Today was just like any other Wednesday and walking through the doors you could see the Krispy Kreme boxes sitting there teasing. We  welcomed Mrs. Smith as usual and then we got new seats!! BREAKING NEWS!!: Adam and Shane made up and now sit next to eachother:)
Next we went over homework (posted at the end of page)
We got 15 minutes to finish posters and the green ws we were given on monday while Mrs.Smith checked annotations.
After the 15 minutes were up we presented our  projects and taped them in order on the wall to show the entire assembly line like process.
Then we received and went over what the montage project will be. You have to pick an idea and use the montage method and vocal inflections to give off a tone. It has to be 1-2 pages you have to record your montage in a group of 3-4 people.

The last thing we did before class ended was listen to example of teachers giving a montage on a passage from chapter 3 so we could get an idea on what is expected.

Homework: Read and annotate Chapter 5-6 in A Brave New World
LL Manifesto; accumulate sayings
Be ready to work on Montage assignment on Friday!!!

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